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TM 10-3930-653-14&P MAINTENANCE ALLOCATION CHART FOR TRUCK, FORKLIFT, 4000 LB (144") PT, GED MAKE:  TCM AMERICA (61888) MODEL:  FG30-N7(T) 3930-01-146-3990 (MD SOP 700-5) SECTION III  TOOL AND TEST EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS TOOL OR TEST    MAINTENANCE NATIONAL/NATO TOOL EQUIPMENT CATEGORY NOMENCLATURE STOCK NUMBER REF CODE NUMBER UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED, ALL MAINTENANCE FUNCTIONS CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED WITH THE TOOLS CONTAINED IN THE FOLLOWING COMMON TOOL SETS. 1. O, F, H TOOL KIT AUTO MAINT: 4910-00-754-0650    LIN W32730 ORG Maint Common #2 2. 0, F, H WRENCH, TORQUE: 5120-00-542-5577    9033917 3/4 in.  Drive, 100-500 (18876) ft lb cap. 3. F, H SHOP EQUIP.  FUEL & ELEC. 4910-00-754-0714    T30414 SYSTEM ENGINE 4. F, H SHOP EQUIP.  MACHINE SHOP 3470-00-754-0708    T15644 5. F, H TOOL KIT MACHINIST 5280-00-511-1950    W44512 6. F, H SHOP EQUIP.  WELDING 4940-00-357-7268    T16714 7. F, H TOOL KIT BODY & FENDER 5180-00-754-0643    W33689 REPAIR 8. 0, F, H TOOL KIT MASTER MECH: 5180-00-699-5273    LIN W 45060 EQUIP.  MAINT.  & REPAIR 9. F, H GAGE, HYDRAULIC PRESSURE 6685-00-983-8326    H0278M From:  0 to 3000 lbs (38508) B-25

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