Quantcast Parking Brake Air Cylinder. (Sheet 1 of 5)
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TM  10-3930-643-34 BRAKE  TROUBLESHOOTING  AND  MAINTENANCE.  (cont) 8-3. Parking Brake Air Cylinder. (Sheet 1 of 5) This task covers: a. Disassembly b. Cleaning/Inspection c.  Assembly INITIAL  SETUP Tools Materials/Parts Tool Kit, General Mechanic’s Cleaning  solvent Automotive (App. C, Item NSN 5180-00-177-7033 Shop Equipment, Automotive Maintenance  and  Repair: Field  Maintenance,  Basic, Less  Power NSN 4910-00-754-0705 Shop  Equipment,  Automotive Maintenance  and  Repair: Field Maintenance NSN 4910-00-919-0076 P-D-680 5) Clean-cloth (App. C, Item 24) Emery cloth (App. C, Item 4) Pneumatic grease (App. C, Item 32) Air  cylinder  kit  930480C92 Torques Except for special torques shown, all fasteners are tightened to a standard  torque. Refer to Appendix E. EQUIPMENT  CONDITION References TM  10-3930-643-10 Condition   Description Air  pressure  vented. TM  10-3930-643-20 Parking  brake  air  cylinder  removed. Go to sheet 2 8-6

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