Quantcast Rear Differential Carrier Assembly. (Sheet 1 of 4)
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TM  10-3930-643-34 FRONT  AND  REAR  AXLES  TROUBLESHOOTING  AND  MAINTENANCE.  (cont) 7-8. Rear Differential Carrier Assembly. (Sheet 1 of 4) This task covers: a.  Removal b. Cleaning/Inspection c. Installation INITIAL  SETUP Tools Tool  Kit,  General  Mechanic’s Automotive NSN 5180-00-177-7033 Shop  Equipment,  Automotive Maintenance  and  Repair: Field  Maintenance,  Basic, Less  Power NSN 4910-00-754-0705 Shop  Equipment,  Automotive Maintenance  and  Repair: Field  Maintenance NSN 4910-00-919-0076 Materials/Parts Cleaning  solvent  P-D-680 (App. C, Item 5) Clean cloth (App. C, Item 24) Loctite 262, Grade N (App. C, Item 15) Gasket Seal Wood block (2) Torques Bolts (5) to 75 to 85 lb-ft. EQUIPMENT  CONDITION References Condition  Description LO  10-3930-643-12 Planetary  lubricant  drained. Axle  lubricant  drained. TM  10-3930-643-20 Rear wheels and tires removed. Paragraph  7-5 Rear  planetaries  removed. Paragraph  8-16 Parking brake removed. Go to sheet 2 7-46

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