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TM  10-3930-643-34 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Section  I. GENERAL  INFORMATION. 1-1. Scope. This chapter provides general descriptive data to  aid the maintenance  specialist  in  understanding  the  various  mechanical  functions  of  the M1OA Forklift. a. Type of Manual. Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Manual. b. Model Number and  Equipment  Name. MHE  236,  (NSN  3930-01-054-3833)  Rough Terrain  10,000  Pound  Capacity,  Articulated  Frame  Steer,  Pneumatic  Tire, DED, M1OA Forklift. c. Purpose of   Equipment. Handle,    transport, and stock materials on various types of terrain. The vehicle has a capacity of 10,000 pounds, 48 inch load center and can lift the load to a maximum of 121.6 inches. d. Metric  Dimensions. The  equipment  described  herein  is  non-metric  and does not require metric common  or special  tools. Therefore, metric units are not supplied. 1-2. Maintenance  Forms,  Records,  and  Reports. Department of the Army forms and procedures used for equipment maintenance will be those prescribed by DA PAM 738-750, The Army Management System (TAMMS). 1-3. Destruction of Army Material to Prevent Enemy Use. TM  750-244-6, “Procedures for Destruction of Equipment to Prevent Enemy Use.” 1-4. Quality  Assurance/Quality  Control  (QA/QC). a. No particular quality assurance or quality control technical manuals pertain specifically to the M1OA Forklift. Use standard QA/QC procedures. b. Defective  material  received  through  the  supply  system  should  be  reported on a Quality Deficiency Report (QDR),    SF368. QDR’s should be mailed directly to: Commander, U.S. Army Tank Automotive Command, ATTN: AMSTA-QRT, Warren, MI 48397-5000. A reply will be furnished directly to you. 1-3

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