Quantcast Section    1.    GENERAL    INFORMATION
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TM 10-3930-643-10 Section    1.    GENERAL    INFORMATION 1-1. SCOPE. This    manual    presents    the    information    you    need    for    safe,    efficient operation    of    the forklift, including authorized operating procedures, preventive     maintenance,     and     service. a. Type     of     Manual.     Operator’s     Technical     Manual     includes     operational troubleshooting    and    maintenance    procedures. N O TE Storage    container    on    left    side    of    operator’s    compartment behind    seat    holds    the    Operator’s    Manual.    This    manual remains    with    the    vehicle    at    all    times. b. Model    Number    and    Equipment     Name. MHE    236,    (NSN    3930-01-054-3833)    Rough Terrain    10,000    Pound    Capacity,    Articulated    Frame    Steer,    Pneumatic    Tire,    DED, M10A    Forklift    Truck. c.    Purpose    of Equipment. Handle,    transport,    and    stock    materials    on    various types    of    terrain.    The    Forklift    truck    has    a    capacity    of    10,000    pounds    at    48-inch load     center     and     can     lift     the     load     to     a     maximum     height     of     121.6     inches. d. Metric     Dimensions. The    equipment    described    herein    is    non    metric    and does    not    require    metric    common    or    special    tools.    Therefore,    metric    units    are not    supplied.    Tactical    instructions    for    sake    of    clarity w i l l  a l s o  r e m a in non-metric. 1-2. MAINTENANCE    FORMS    AND    RECORDS. Department    of    the    Army    forms    and procedures    used    for    equipment    maintenance    will    be    those    prescribed    by    DA    PAM 738-750,    The    Army    Maintenance    Management    System    (TAMMS). 1-3.    REPORTING    EQUIPMENT    IMPROVEMENT    RECOMMENDATIONS    (EIR). If    your    M10A Forklift    needs    improvement,    let    us    know.    Send    an    EIR.    You,    the    user,    are the     only     one     who     can     tell     us     what     you     don’t     like     about     your     equipment. L et us     know     why     you     don’t     like     the     design. Put     it     on     a     SF     368     Quality     Deficiency Report (QDR). EIR’s    should    be    mailed    direct    to: Commander,    U.    S.    Army    Tank Automotive    Command,    ATTN:    AMSTA-QRT,    Warren,    MI    48397-5000. A    reply    will    be    furnished    directly    to    you. 1-4. HAND     RECEIPT. This    Operator’s    Manual    has    a    companion    document    with    a    TM number    followed    by    -HR    (which    stands    for    Hand    Receipt).    The    TM    10-3930-643-12- HR    consists    of    preprinted    hand    receipts    (DA    Form    2062)    that    list    end    item related    equipment    (i.e. COEI,    BII,    and    AAL)    you    must    account    for.    As    an    aid    to property     accountability,     additional    -HR    manuals    may    be    requisitioned    from    the following    source    in    accordance    with    procedures    in    Chapter    3,    AR    310-2: The    US    Army    Adjutant    General    Publications    Center Attn:    AGLD-OD 1655     Woodson     Road St.    Louis,    MO.    63114 1-3

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