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TM 10-3930-643-10 APPENDIX     C ADDITIONAL     AUTHORIZATION     LIST Section     I. I N T R O D U C T I ON C-1. SCOPE. This     appendix     lists     additional     items     you     are     authorized     for support     of     the     MHE236     Forklift. C-2. GENERAL. This    list    identifies    items    that    do    not    have    to    accompany    the MHE236     Forklift     and     that     do     not     have     to     be     turned     in     with     it.     These     items     are all    authorized    to    you    by    CTA,    MTOE,    TDA    or    JTA. C-3. EXPLANATION     OF     LISTING.     National     stock     numbers,     descriptions,     and     quan- tities    are    provided    to    help    you    identify    and    request    the    additional    items    you required    to    support    this    equipment. Section    II. ADDITIONAL AUTHORIZATION LIST (1) (2) (3) (4) N a t i o n al D e s c r i p t i on Qty. S t o ck U /M Auth. N u m b er Part    Number    and    FSCM Usable    on    Code 4210-00-889-2221 C S 4 2 1 0 - 0 0 0 9 C E F N F i r e  E x t i n g u i s h e r ,  E A 1 (16236) Dry    Chemical 7520-00-559-9618 M I L - C - 1 1 7 43 Case, Maintenance E A 1 (81349) C-1/(C-2    blank)

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