Quantcast Cylinder Head and Valves. - TM-10-3930-638-24P_787
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TM  10-3930-638-24&P 4-2.  ENGINE  MAINTENANCE  (cont) b. Cylinder Head and Valves. This  task  covers  overhaul  of  the  cylinder  head  and  replacement/repair  of  the  valves  consisting  of: a.  Removal d. Valves and Valve Seat Refacing b. Cleaning e. Installation c. Inspection and Repair INITIAL   SETUP TOOLS Expandable Bore Gage, zero to 1/2 inch Fine Rotary Wire Brush Micrometer, zero to 5 inches Feeler  Gage Precision Seat Grinder Valve  Refacing  Machine 45  degree  Grinding  Stone 60  degree  Grinding  Stone 30  degree  Grinding  Stone Valve  Spring  Compressor  Tool Steel Straight Edge Power Driven Fine Wire Brush Valve Seat Removal Tool Vee Block Holder Spring Tester No. 2 Common Organiza- NSN  4910-00-754-0650 tional  Maintenance  Tool  Kit 3-5j Rocker arm assembly removed. 3-5g Cylinder  head  assembly  removed. NSN  5210-00-221-1999 SPECIAL   TOOLS Reamer FSCM 10988 P/N A43112 MATERIALS/PARTS Cleaning  Solvent  P-D-680 Oil, No. 30 Clean  cloths Valve  keepers Dry ice Emery cloth, medium grit EQUIPMENT   CONDITION Paragraph Condition Description 4 - 9

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