Quantcast  Rocker  Arm  Assembly.
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TM  10-3930-638-24&P 3-5.   ENGINE   MAINTENANCE   (cont) j.  Rocker  Arm  Assembly. This  task  covers:  a.  Removal d.  Inspection/Repair b. Disassembly e. Reassembly   and   Installation/Replacement c.   Cleaning f.  Adjustment INITIAL SETUP TOOLS No.  2  Common  Organiza- tional Maintenance Tool Kit Micrometer, zero to 5 inches Bore gage. zero to I inch Spring  tester EQUIPMENT  CONDITION NSN  4910-00-754-0650 Paragraph Condition  Description Vehicle parked on level surface, engine off, and  parking  brake  applied. 3-5i Rocker arm cover removed. FSCM 45225 P/N CAS-10418 MATERIALS/PARTS Cleaning solvent P-D-680 Clean  cloths No. 30 engine oil 3-62   Change   1

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