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Page Title: Axle Assemblies
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TM-10-3930-634-34 Truck Lift Fork; Diesel Engine Pneumatic Tired Wheels Rough Terrain 6 000 Lb. Capacity 24 Load Center Anthony Model MIT 6-2 Manual
Reassembly - TM-10-3930-634-340177
TM 10-3930-634-34
(79) and remove shims (80), shield (81) and seal (82)
stress, excessive wear or other impending failures.
(4) Inspect housing for cracks or damage.
from steering support. Separate steering support from
(5) Replace parts if worn, pitted or damaged. Re-
outer end housing (90).
place all gaskets and seals with new parts.
(17) Remove thrust washer (84) and spacer ring
(6) Remove nicks, burrs, and mars from machined
(85) and two bearing cones (86) and cups (87) from
or ground surfaces with crocus cloth. Insure that
outer end housing (90).
(18) Support the weight of the differential with a
threads are clean and free and are not worn beyond
chain hoist and remove three nuts (122), washers (125)
d. Reassembly.
and dowels (126) and eleven screws (123 and 124) and
washers (125) to separate differential from axle hous-
Refer to the lubrication order for bearings,
(19) Remove cotter pin (117), slotted nut (118),
shaft, gear, differential oil and oil for other
intricate moving parts that require lubrica-
and washer (119) and use a suitable puller to remove
flange (121) and sleeve (120) from pinion gear 2nd
(1) Refer to figure 5-5 and reassemble the axle as-
shaft (115).
(20) Remove five screws (127), washers (128),
(2) Reassemble the differential pinion and bear-
screw (129), and washer (130) to remove seal retainer
(132), gasket (133) and shim (134). Drive oil seal (131)
ings as follows:
from retainer (132).
(a) Lubricate bearings (135, 136, and 141) with
light oil. Coat bearing cups (138 and 137) with a thin
(21) Screw two bolts in puller holes in bearing
film of oil.
cage (139). Turn each bolt equally to lift bearing cage
(b) Press rear bearing (136) and bearing (141)
(139) from differential carrier. This pulls outer bearing
firmly against pinion gear shoulders (115) with a prop
cone (135) from pinion shaft (115). Remove pinion
shaft (115), bearing cage (139) and bearings (136 and
er sleeve that will fit only on inner bearing race (141).
141) from carrier as an assembly. Remove bearing cage
(c) Place pinion (115) and bearing (135) into pin-
ion cage (139).
shim pack (140).
(22) Press pinion shaft (115) from bearing cage
(d) Slowly rotate cage several turns to insure
(139). Press inner bearing cone (136) and inner bearing
normal bearing contact.
(141) from pinion shaft.
(e) Lubricate pinion shaft oil seal (131) and
(23) Drive bearing cups (137 and 138) from bear-
cover outer edge of seal body with a non-hardening
ing cage (139).
sealing compound.
(24) Mount differential in a differential overhaul
(f) Install flange (121), washer (119), and nut
stand. Check and record ring gear backlash with a dial
(118). Tighten to 525 lb-ft.
indicator, Use a punch to matchmark bearing caps
(g) Install pinion and bearing assembly in carri-
(104) and carrier assembly (101) to insure correct
er assembly until outer pinion bearing cup cage (139) is
approximately inch from face of carrier. During this
match on reassembly.
(25) Remove screw, lockwasher and adjusting nut
operation, insure that oil return holes are in line.
locks (91, 92 and 93), Remove bearing cap screws (102)
(h) Install shims between bearing cup cage (139)
and washers (103) and remove bearing cups (94, 98,
and face of carrier.
(i) Drive pinion (115) into position and install
and 99). Remove setscrews (95, 96) and remove differ-
ential lock sleeve (97) from differential case.
the bearing case bolts. Torque to specified torque.
(26) Remove differential case (110) from carrier
Refer to paragraph l-7b(8).
and matchmark case halves. Remove nuts (112) and
bolts (111) holding case halves together, and lift off
There are 6 bolts holding in the retainer (132)
and bearing cage (139). The locating bolt is
plain case half.
inch and the other five bolts are /16 inch.
(27) Remove spider (109), pinions (106 and 108)
and thrust washers (105 and 107).
(3) Reassemble differential assembly in carrier
(101). Insure that punch marks on case (110) and gear
(28) Remove nuts (113) and screws (114) to re-
move ring gear (116).
(116) are properly alined and that center punch marks
(29) Use a suitable puller and remover bearing
on carrier leg (101) and cap (104) are alined for proper
fit. Tighten to specified torque.
cones (100) from case halves.
c. Cleaning and Inspection.
(4) Adjust backlash 0.008-0.011 as follows:
(1) Clean all parts.
(a) If backlash is too great, back off adjusting
(2) Inspect all bearings, cups, cones and gears for
nut on plain half case and tighten opposite side until
excessive wear, looseness, ridges, pitting and scoring.
all lash is removed. Tighten nut on plain half case
(3) Inspect axle shafts for torsional fracture,
solidly to seat bearings. Back off nuts on flange side,

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