Quantcast Figure 3-139. Crankskuft timing gear installation.


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Page Title: Figure 3-139. Crankskuft timing gear installation.
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Figure 3-136. Comparison of main bearing shells
TM-10-3930-634-34 Truck Lift Fork; Diesel Engine Pneumatic Tired Wheels Rough Terrain 6 000 Lb. Capacity 24 Load Center Anthony Model MIT 6-2 Manual
Figure 3-141. Cylinder Liner Remover
TM 10-3930-634-34
(b) Place the ring compressor on a wood block,
tapered end up, as shown in figure 3-145.
(c) Stagger the piston ring gaps and make sure
the oil control ring expanders are not overlapped (para
(d) Start the top of the piston straight into the
ring compressor; then, push the piston down until it
contacts the wood block (operation 1, fig. 3-145).
(e) Note the position of the matchmark made on
the liner and place the 1 mer on a wood block.
(f) Place the ring compressor and the piston and
rod assembly on the liner, so the number on the rod
and cap are alined with the matchmark on the liner
(operation 2, fig. 3-145).
The numbers, or number and letter, on the
side of the connecting rod and cap identify
the rod with the cap and indicate the particu-
lar cylinder in which they are used. If a new
connecting rod is to be installed, the same
Figure 3-139. Crankskuft timing gear installation.
identification number, or number and letter
(5) After honing, the liner must conform to the
must be stamped or etched in the same loca-
same limits on taper and out-of-round as a new liner,
tion as on the connecting rod that was re-
and the piston-to-liner clearance must be within speci-
fied limits listed in table 1-1.
(g) Push the piston and rod assembly down into
(6) Discard and replace the seal rings. Replace a
the liner until the piston is out of the ring compressor.
defective liner.
(7) Wipe the inside and outside of the cylinder
liner clean. Make sure the block bore and counterbore
are clean so the liner flange will seat properly.
e. Installation.
(1) Fit Liner in Bore.
(a) Slide the liner into the block until the flange
on the liner rests on the bottom of the counterbore in
the block.
Do not drop or slam the cylinder liner flange
against the counterbore in the block.
(b) Tap the liner lightly with a soft hammer to
make sure the liner seats in the bottom of the counter-
(c) Clamp the cylinder liner in place as shown in
figure 3-144. Refer to table 1-1 and measure the dis-
tance from the top of the liner flange to top of the
block with a dial indicator.
(d) Matchmark the liner and block with a chalk
or white paint so the liner may be reinstalled in the
same position and in the same bore. Place the match-
mark on the outer edge of the engine serial number
(e) Remove hold-down clamp (fig. 3-144) and
cylinder liner from the block.
(2) Install Piston, Connecting Rod and Liner.
(a) With the piston assembled to the connecting
rod and the piston rings in place (para 3-34) apply a
clean coat of engine oil to the piston, rings and inside
of piston ring compressor tool.
Figure 3-140. Checking crankshaft and play.

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