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Page Title: Push rods and cam followers
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Fuel injector tubes
TM-10-3930-634-34 Truck Lift Fork; Diesel Engine Pneumatic Tired Wheels Rough Terrain 6 000 Lb. Capacity 24 Load Center Anthony Model MIT 6-2 Manual
Oil Pan - TM-10-3930-634-340089
TM 10-3930-634-34
(e) Ream the injector tube for injector nut and
an injector for a gage (fig. 3-86), continue the reaming
spray tip with the cylinder head right side up and the
operation until the shoulder of the spray tip is either
injector tube free from dirt as illustrated in figure
flush or extends a maximum of 0.015 inch below the
3-85. Withdraw reamer frequently for removal of
fire deck of cylinder head as illustrated in figure 3-86.
(6) Push rods and cam followers (cylinder head re-
(f) With the cylinder head bottom side up, insert
pilot cutting tool into small hole of injector tube. Then,
(a) Install the push rod spring retainers (24, fig.
use a socket and speed handle. Remove excess stock so
3-63) in the cylinder head.
that the lower end of the injector tube is flush to 0.005
(b) Install lower spring seat (27), spring (26) and
inch below the finished surface of the cylinder head.
upper spring seat (25) on the push rod (28). Then, in
(g) Ream the bevel seat in the injector tube as
stall the assembled push rod into the cylinder head in
the proper bore.
1. Install the injector assembly in the cylinder
(c) Screw the push rod locknut (23) on each push
head to determine the amount of stock that must be re-
rod as far as possible; then, screw the push rod into the
moved from the bevel seat of the injector tube. Note
rocker arm clevis until the end of the rod is flush with
the relationship between the numbered surface of the
or above the inner side of the clevis.
spray tip to the fire deck of the cylinder head as illus-
(d) Place the cam followers in a screen type
trated in figure 3-86.
basket and immerse the basket in a container of light-
2. With the first reaming operation com-
weight engine oil (heated to 100 to 1250F.) for at
pleted and the injector tube spot faced, wash interior
least one hour before installation. Rotate the cam fol-
of injector tube with cleaning solvent (Fed Spec
lower rollers during the soaking period to aid in
P-D-680) and dry with compressed air. Then, perform
purging any air from the bushing roller area.
the second reaming operation.
(e) Note the oil hole in the bottom of the cam
follower. With this hole pointing away from the ex-
Service replacement injectors tubes are semi-
haust valve guide, slide the cam followers into position
finished and have a narrow land machined at
in cylinder head (fig. 3-69).
the beveled seat to reduce reaming time. Ex-
treme care must be exercised while reaming
(f) Install the cam follower guide as illustrated
in figure 3-69. Tighten cam follower guide bolts to
the bevel seat to prevent reamer from cutting
12-15 lb-ft torque.
too deeply and possibly through the thin wall
(g) Check to make sure there is at least 0.005
of the tube.
inch clearance between the cam follower legs and the
3. Ream the injector tube for the injector nut
follower guide as illustrated in figure 3-88.
as illustrated in figure 3-87. Make trial cut by turning
(h) If the clearance is insufficient, loosen guide
reamer without applying downward force. Remove
bolts slightly and tap each corner of the guide with a
reamer, blow out chips, and look at the bevel seat to
brass rod (fig. 3-89). Then, retighten bolts and recheck
see what portion of the seat has been cut.
the clearance.
4. Proceed carefully with the reaming opera-
(i) Install the fuel injectors (para 3-18).
tion, withdrawing the reamer occasionally to observe
(j) Install the rocker arms (para 3-23).

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