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Page Title: Rack and gear assembly.
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Inspection - TM-10-3930-634-340058
TM-10-3930-634-34 Truck Lift Fork; Diesel Engine Pneumatic Tired Wheels Rough Terrain 6 000 Lb. Capacity 24 Load Center Anthony Model MIT 6-2 Manual
Fuel Pump - TM-10-3930-634-340060
TM 10-3930-634-34
As the nut is being tightened by hand, the spray tip
(7) Place the dry part on a third lapping block. Do
should become difficult to turn until eventually the
not use lapping powder on this block. Keep the part
spray tip will not turn. This insures the proper seating
flat and move it across the block several times in a
of components and nut being installed properly.
figure eight motion. Lapping the dry part in this
manner gives it the "mirror" finish required for per-
(g) Use a socket and torque wrench and tighten
nut to 75-80 lb-ft. of torque.
fect sealing.
(8) Wash all of the lapped injector parts in clean
Do not exceed the specified torque. Other-
fuel oil and dry with compressed air.
wise, the nut may be stretched and result in
g. Reassembly.
improper sealing of the lapped surfaces in the
(1) Filter assembly.
(a) Use new filter and gaskets, and reassemble
(4) Plunger and follower.
the filter assembly on the injector as illustrated in
(a) Push the control rack all the way in.
(b) Slide the head of the plunger into the fol-
lower and place the follower spring on the injector
The fuel filter has a dimple at one end. When
assembling the filter always install the filter
(c) Place the stop pin on the injector body so
with the dimple end down.
that the follower spring rests on the narrow flange of
(b) Lubricate the filter cap (1, fig. 3-40) threads
the stop pin (fig. 3-35). Then aline the slot in the fol-
and tighten to 65-70 lb-ft. of torque. Install shipping
lower with the stop pin hole in the injector body. Aline
caps on all openings to prevent any dirt particles from
the flat side of the plunger with the slot in the
entering injector.
follower. Insert the free end of the plunger in the
(2) Rack and gear assembly.
injector body. Press down on the follower and at the
(a) Hold the injector body (10, fig. 3-50),
same time press the stop pin into position. When in
bottom end up, and slide the rack (8) through the hole
place, the spring will hold the stop pin in position.
in the body. Look into the bore of the body, for the
h. Installation.
gear teeth on the rack, move rack so that the drill
(1) Prior to installing the fuel injector perform all
marks can be observed and hold the rack in this
the tests listed in c above.
(2) Before installing the fuel injector wipe carbon
(b) Slide gear (9), into the injector body so that
deposits from the beveled seat in the injector tube. Use
the marked tooth is engaged between the two marked
care to prevent entry of foreign material into the en-
teeth on the rack as shown in figure 3-50.
(c) Place the gear retainer (7) on the gear. Next,
(3) Use the injector tube bevel reamer to clean
aline the locating pin in the bushing (1 1), with the slot
carbon from injector tube. Exercise care to remove
in the injector body; then slide bushing into place.
only the carbon so that the proper clearance between
(3) Spiny tip, spring cage and check valve assem-
injector body and cylinder head is maintained. Pack
flutes of reamer with grease to retain carbon removed
(a) Position a new preformed packing (2, fig.
from injector tube.
3-50), on the shoulder of the body (10). Slide the spill
(4) Fill the injector with clean fuel oil until it runs
deflector (15), over the installed bushing (11).
out of the outlet cap.
(b) Place check valve (6), centrally on the
(5) Install the fuel injector (fig. 3-31) as follows:
bushing (11). Place valve cage (12), over the check
(a) Make sure the dowel pin in the injector body
valve (6) and against bushing (11).
is alined with the dowel hole in the cylinder head.
(c) Insert the spring seat (13), in spring (5). In-
(b) Position the injector rack control lever so the
sert this assembly into spring cage (4), spring seat
lower end of lever engages the injector rack.
(c) Install the injector bracket and torque bolt to
(d) Place the assembled spring cage (4), spring
20-25 lb- ft. and recheck to make sure bracket does
seat (13) and spring (5) on the check valve cage (12),
not interfere with injector follower spring or exhaust
spring first.
valve spring.
(e) Insert needle valve (14), tapered end down,
inside the spray tip (3). Place the spray tip with needle
Check the injector rack for free movement.
valve on the spring cage (4), with the small end of the
Excess torque can cause the injector control
needle valve in the hole in the spring cage.
rack to stick or bind.
(f) Lubricate the threads in the nut (1), and
carefully thread the nut on the injector body (10) by
There is a possibility of damaging the ex-
hand. Rotate the spray tip (3), between your thumb
haust valves if the exhaust valve bridge is not
and index finger while threading the nut on the body.

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