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Page Title: Rear Axle
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TM 10-3930-632-34
pressure gage should indicate between 110 and 125
differential (para 2-10).
(12) Remove the bolts and lockwashers that secure
(d) If the pressure is low, loosen the control
the transmission assembly to the engine.  Maintain
valve mounting screws and insert shim stock (0.001 inch
support of the transmission with the hoist.  Pry the
to 0.002 inch thick by 11/2 inches wide) between the
transmission from the engine.  Pull straight back to
outlet hole of the control valve cover used for the
disengage the shaft of the input gear from the torque
pressure check and the transmission case. Tighten the
converter.  When the shaft is disengaged, lower the
mounting screws.
transmission onto a dolly and roll it from the front of the
(e) Recheck the pressure. If the pressure is still
low, the trouble is in the transmission control valve.
(13) Remove the torque converter from the engine
Overhaul the transmission control valve (para 14-8).
c.  Installation.
(f) If shimming brings the pressure up to the
prescribed limits, the transmission is defective. Remove
(1)  Install the torque converter on the engine
the shim and overhaul the transmission as described in
flywheel (para 2-5).
paragraph 14-6. Remove the gage and insert the plug.
(2)  Position the transmission assembly on the
(12) Check the torque converter pressure as follows:
engine bell housing with a hoist; secure using the bolts
(a) Install a pressure gage that indicates
between 0 and 200 PSI in the converter pressure check
(3)  Install the axle adapter and differential (para 2-
hole (fig. 2-12) in the torque converter housing.
(b) Run the engine at 2000 RPM with the
(4)  Install the wheel and axle ends (TM 10-3930-
transmission in neutral.  The pressure gage should
indicate between 65 and 75 PSI.
(5)  Remove the engine blocks and lower the fork lift
(c) If the pressure is not within the prescribed
truck to the ground.
limits, overhaul the pressure regulating valve (items 9
(6)  Install the carriage, mast, and lift cylinder (para
through 17, fig. 14-5).
b.  Removal.
(7)  Connect the handbrake linkage (TM 10-3930-
(1)  Remove the drain plugs from the axle adapter
632-12). Connect the transmission control linkage (TM
and transmission to drain the transmission and axle.
(2)  Remove the steering gear (para 2-7a). Remove
(8)  Position, reclamp, and reconnect all hoses,
the instrument panel (TM 10-3930-632-12).
wires, and tubes to the transmission assembly and wheel
(3)  Remove the tilt cylinders (TM 10-3930-632-12).
and axle ends (TM 10-3930-632-12).
(4)  Remove the brake pedal (TM 10-3930-632-12).
(9)  Replace the tilt cylinders (TM 10-3930-632-12).
(5)  Remove the brake hydraulic lines (TM 10-3930-
(10) Install the dash panel and install the instrument
panels (TM 10-3930-632-12).
(6)  Remove the overhead guard (TM 10-3930-632-
(11) Install the steering gear (para 2-7).
(12) Fill the transmission and axle adapter and
(7)  Remove the carriage, mast, and lift cylinder
differential (LO 10-3930-632-12).
(13) Test the transmission as described in a above.
(8)  Disconnect the oil cooler hoses from the
transmission.  Disconnect and tag all electrical leads.
2-10.  Rear Axle
Disconnect all piping and tubing (TM 10-3930-632-12).
a.  Removal.
(9)  Disconnect the parking brake linkage from the
(1)  Remove the counterweight (TM 10-3930-632-
transmission (TM 10-3930-632-12).
(10) Jack up the fork lift truck and block securely
(2)  Block the drive wheels of the fork lift truck and
under the frame. Block up under the flywheel housing of
jack the steering wheels clear of the floor. Remove the
the engine.
wheels and bearings from the fork lift truck (TM 10-3930-
(11) Wrap a sling around the transmission housing.
Make sure the position of the cable will not interfere with
(3)  Disconnect the rear drag link from the ball stud
the removal of the bolts that secure the axle adapter to
(TM 10-3930-632-12). Swing the rear drag link clear of
the transmission. Support the weight of the transmission
the steering axle assembly.
with a hoist. Remove the wheels and axle shafts (TM
(4)  Support the steering axle assembly with a
Remove the axle adapter and

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