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Figure 4-10. Battery service
TM-10-3930-631-12 Truck Lift Fork EMD Solid Rubber Tired Wheels 4 000 Lbs Capacity 144 and 180 In Lift Army Model MHE 227 Manual
Figure 4-10.1. Battery connector, exploded view.
TM 10-3930-631-12
(b) Inspect battery for cracks, breaks and
potentially dangerous to personnel and
other defects.
property. Do not use near open flame.
(c) Use a hydrometer and take a specific
Flash point of solvent is 1000F to 138F
gravity reading of the battery. A fully charged battery
(380C to 590C).
should show a reading of approximately 1.275.  If
(a) Clean all parts in cleaning compound,
reading is 1.125 or lower, recharge battery. Refer to TM
solvent (Fed. Spec. P-D-680) and dry thoroughly.
10-6140-200-14 for checking specific gravity of battery.
(b) Inspect contacts for burned, pitted and
(d) Check electrolyte level and fill to 5/8 inch
cracked surfaces. Replace unserviceable contacts.
above plates.
(c) Inspect springs for bends and damage
(4) Installation. Connect hoist to battery (fig.
and lack of tension. Replace unserviceable springs.
4-10) and lift battery into compartment.
(d) Inspect blocks for cracks and damage.
removable receptacle to lower receptacle and secure
Replace unserviceable blocks.
with lever. Install side panels and close battery cover.
(6) Assembly.
c. Battery Receptacle and Cables.
(a) Install contacts (23, fig. 4-10.1) in block
The battery receptacle
(25) and secure with retaining rings (24). Install springs
provides the connection between the battery and the
(22) in block.
truck electrical system.  A removable connector is
(b) Install block (21) over springs and
attached to the battery negative and positive leads. A
contacts and secure with screws (20).
receptacle is mounted to the frame at the left of the
(c) Install case (26) over blocks and secure
operator's seat.
The connector is inserted in the
with screws (19).
mounted receptacle and a lever is lowered to draw the
(d) Install contacts (12, fig 4-10.1) in block
connector into the receptacle and bring the contacts
and secure with retaining rings (13). Install springs (11)
in block (10).
(2)  Inspection.  Inspect receptacles for
(e) Enclose springs and contacts between
loose wires, burned contacts and damage. Replace if
blocks (10) and (14) and secure blocks together with
screws (9).
(3) Removal. Disconnect receptacle (fig.
(f) Install case (8) over battery cables,
4-4). Unsolder cables from receptacle connector.
checking to be sure polarity is correct. Solder cables to
(a) Tag leads before disconnecting to be
contacts in blocks.  Slide case over cables and on
certain battery polarity will be correct.
blocks. Secure case to blocks with screws (7).
(4) Disassembly.
(7) Installation.
(a) Remove screws (7, fig.  4-10.1) and
(a) Install battery receptacle (18, fig. 4-
remove case (8) from block.
10.1) on truck and secure with screws (15), lock washers
(b) Remove screws (9) and separate blocks
(16) and nuts (17).
(10 and 14). Remove springs (11). Remove retaining
(b) Solder cables to receptacle.  Connect
rings (13) and remove contacts (12).
removable receptacle to lower receptacle and secure
(c) Remove screws (19, fig.  4-10.1) and
with lever.
remove case (26). Remove screws (20) and separate
4-27. Fuses
blocks (21 and 25).
a. General. The fuses are of the cartridge type
(d) Remove springs (22). Remove retaining
and are mounted in fuse holders. Four are mounted in
rings (24) and contacts (23) from block.
the contactor box along with the 400 amp and 35 amp
(e) Refer to paragraph 4-25 and remove
horn (5, fig. 4-10.1) from truck.
b. Test. Test fuses with a test light. If light does
(5) Cleaning, Inspection and Repair.
not glow, replace fuses.
c. Removal and Installation. Remove fuses from
Cleaning  compound,  solvent  (Fed.
holders and install identical fuses in their place. Loosen
Spec. P-D-680), used for cleaning, is
screws to remove main fuses from contactor box.
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