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Figure 2-8. Flywheel housing timing cover, removal and inspection
TM-10-3930-630-34 Truck Lift Fork GED Solid Rubber Tired Wheels 4000 lbs Capacity 100 and 180 Inch Lift Manual
Transmission Removal
TM 10-3930-630-34
b. Refer to TM 10-3930-630-12 and remove the
stop and taillight.
l. Secure engine to frame with screws (3),
c. Remove the hydraulic pump (para 2-12).
washers (2) and nuts (1). Tighten nuts to a torque of 20
d. Refer to figure 2-3 and disconnect the
foot pounds (27.1 NĚ ).
m. Refer to paragraph 2-14 and install hydraulic
transmission linkage.
e. Refer to figure 2-5 and remove the
n. Refer to figure 2-5 and with a suitable hoist,
lift counterweight into place on rear of frame. Secure
f. Remove screws (1, fig. 2-7) and lock washers
counterweight with mounting screws. Install stud and
(2) to disconnect transmission from engine.
towing shackle (fig. 2-4) in counterweight and frame.
g. Remove three nuts (1, fig. 2-6), washers (2)
o. Refer to TM 10-3930-630-12 and install stop
and screws (3) from mounting bracket.
and tail light on counterweight and connect wires to tail
h. Attach a suitable lifting device with a capacity
of at least 6, 000 pounds to the engine lifting eyes.
p. Refer to figure 2-3 and connect transmission
i. Block the transmission to prevent it from
linkage to transmission.
falling when the engine is removed.
q. Refer to TM 10-3930-630-12 and perform the
j. Use a suitable lifting device with a capacity of
following operations.
at least 6,000 pounds and slowly lift the engine out of
(1) Connect drive shaft to transmission.
the fork lift truck.
(2) Connect transmission filter hoses and
k. Lower the engine on suitable supports and
cooling hoses to transmission. Connect transmission
disconnect the lifting device.
pressure gage tube to transmission.
l. Refer to paragraph 2-18 and remove flex plate
(3) Connect throttle and choke linkage to
from engine flywheel. Remove transmission gasket.
(4) Connect fuel line from shutoff valve to
2-23. Engine, Cleaning and Inspection
fuel filter.
a. Clean the engine with cleaning solvent, (Fed.
(5) Install air cleaner and connect all air
Spec. P-D-680). Dry thoroughly with compressed air.
hoses and tubes.
b. Inspect the engine mounts (4, fig. 2-6) for
(6) Install muffler and exhaust pipes.
excessive wear. Inspect all mounting hardware.
(7) Install fan, fan belts, and radiator.
Replace all defective parts.
(8) Install battery tray and battery.
(9) Connect wiring to transmission neutral
2-24. Engine Installation
start switch, hour meter actuator, oil pressure and
a. Refer to paragraph 2-20 and install flex plate
temperature sending units, starter, alternator, resistor,
(7, fig. 2-7) on engine flywheel. Install transmission
coil and distributor.
(10) Install engine oil filter bracket and oil
b. Install three engine mounts (4, fig. 2-6) in the
filter and connect oil hoses to filter and engine.
fork lift frame.
(11) Install front screen, seat deck, seat
c. Install lifting eyes on the engine. Attach a
support and operator's seat.
suitable lifting device with a capacity of 6,000 pounds to
(12) Fill radiator to proper level with
the lifting eyes and carefully lift the engine assembly
into the engine compartment to mate with transmission.
(13) Install drain plug and fill transmission.
Secure transmission to engine with screws (1, fig. 2-7)
(14) Fill engine with proper grade of oil.
and lock washers (2).
Install two screws (3, fig. 2-6), four
Engine Test
washers (2) and secure with two nuts (1). Torque the
a. Refer to TM 10-3930-630-12. Start engine
nuts to 20 ft-lbs. (27.1 NĚ ).
and run at idle speed for five minutes. Shut off engine
e. Install washer (2) on stud (5) and secure the
and check radiator coolant level, engine crankcase oil
front of engine with second washer (2) and nut (1).
level and transmission oil level.
f. Install the hydraulic pump (para 2-14).
b. Check for oil, fuel and coolant leaks.
g.  Refer  to  figure  2-5  and  install  the
c. Correct any leaks that are found. Replenish
fuel, oil and coolant as necessary.
h. Refer to paragraph, 2-20 and install the
d. Install floor and toe plates and close side
accessories listed in subparagraphs q (3) through (14).
i. Test the engine (para 2-21).
2-22. Engine Removal
a. Refer to paragraph 2-18 b. and remove the
accessories listed in subparagraphs b (1) through (9).

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