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Page Title: Steering Wheel, Column, and Gear
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Figure 3-47. Power steering components and connections.
TM-10-3930-620-34 Truck Lift Fork Solid Rubber Tired Wheels 6000 Capacity 180 Inch Lift Manual
Cleaning and Inspection - TM-10-3930-620-340099
b. When the steering wheel is rotated to the right,
(17) Remove control assembly from vise.
hydraulic fluid under pressure is directed from the
(18) Check control spool and sleeve parts for
steering gear to the forward end of the power steering
freedom of rotation with column shaft.
cylinder. The power steering cylinder piston rod is
(19) Place a clean wooden block across the
connected to the drag link. When hydraulic pressure is
vise throat to support spool parts.
supplied to the forward end of the power steering
(20) Clamp unit across port face with control
cylinder, the cylinder piston rod extends, actuating the
end facing upward.
drag link and tie rods which transfer movement to the
(21) Remove the four screws.
steer wheels located at the rear of the lift truck. The steer
(22) While holding spool assembly against the
wheels move the lift truck in the direction in which the
wooden block, remove the end cap by lifting up.
steering wheel is rotated by swinging the rear end of the
lift truck away from the direction of rotation. When the
(23) Inspect mating surfaces for leakage, path
steering wheel is rotated to the left, hydraulic fluid under
wear, and seal condition.
pressure is directed from the steering gear to the aft end
(24) Remove cap locator bushing by lifting up.
of the power steering cylinder. The cylinder piston rod
retracts, actuating the drag link and tie rods which move
(25) Place port face of housing securely on a
the steer wheels and lift truck into a left turn.
flat working surface.
3-36. Steering Wheel, Column, and Gear
Caution:  Use  extreme  care
a. Removal. Remove the steering wheel, column,
when removing these parts because
and gear according to paragraph 2-11.
they are very closely fitted. They
b. Disassembly.
should be rotated slightly as they are
Note. Disassembly should proceed only as far
as necessary for repair or replacement.
(26) Remove spool and sleeve assembly from
(1) Secure power steering gear in a suitable
the 14-hole end of the housing.
Note. Do not pry against edge
(2) Remove  terminal  from  horn  button
of hole in housing bore.
electrical lead.
(27) Using a small bent tool or wire, remove
(3) Remove horn button and rubber cover by
check valve seal plug from housing by pushing up. (fig.
pushing  down  and  turning  counterclockwise  to
disconnect it from the attaching wedges located on base
(28) Secure housing in vise with control end
plate. (TM 10-3930-620-12.)
facing upward.
(4) Remove horn button contact cup, spring,
(29) Unscrew check valve seat using a 3/ 16
and contact washer.
inch hex wrench. (fig. 3-54.)
(5) Pull out horn cable and insulating ferrule.
(30) Turn the housing over and tap lightly using
(6) Remove three round head screws from
palm of hand.
horn button base plate.
(31) With check valve hole facing lowest
(7) Remove base plate and contact insulator
corner, remove check valve seat, ball, and spring.
(32) While holding spool assembly, use a
(8) Remove nut (1) and lock washer (2)
straight pin or tool to push the centering pin and loosen
securing steering wheel (3) to steering column shaft.
from spool-sleeve assembly. (fig. 3-55.)
(9) Using a wheel puller, remove steering
(33) Remove  centering  pin  and  store  in
immediate working area.
(10) Remove retaining ring (20) and first snap
(34) Push inside lower edge of spool so that
ring 121).
spool moves toward the splined end.
Caution: Do not use tools to
(35) Carefully pull spool from sleeve. (fig. 3-56
free shaft.
(11) Push shaft (23) free of bearing (22) using
(36) Push centering spring set from spring slot
thumb pressure.
in spool. (fig. 3-58.)
(12) Remove shaft.
(37) Completely disassemble meter gear set.
(13) Remove bearing and second snap ring.
c. Cleaning and Inspection. Clean and inspect
Mark the two screw
power steering gear components as follows:
holes  so  that  parts  will  be
Warning: Use
reassembled properly.
cleaning solvent.
(14) Secure unit in rise with meter end facing
New  seals  will  be
upward. (fig. 3-49.)
Remove the seven screws.
(16) Remove the three-section cap, gear, and
plate (end plate assembly) as a unit and store in
immediate working area. (fig. 3-50.)

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