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Cleaning and Inspection. - TM-10-3930-620-340080
TM-10-3930-620-34 Truck Lift Fork Solid Rubber Tired Wheels 6000 Capacity 180 Inch Lift Manual
Figure 3-33. Hydraulic pump motor, exploded view.
(g) Remove screws securing battery
motor and is supported on each end by mounting
brackets which are secured to the lift truck frame. The
acid tray and remove tray.
(h) Unsnap band assembly from around
pump  motor  is  activated  through  microswitches
whenever the key switch is in the ON position and the lift
pump motor housing and remove band.
or tilt levers are operated.  Hydraulic pump motor
(i) Remove  brush  shunt  retaining
specifications are as follows:
b. Specifications.
(j) Lift brush retaining springs and
Power ....................................... 10.7 hp
remove brushes from brush holders.
Speed .................................... 1950 rpm
(k) Install wheel chocks forward and aft
Voltage .....................................36 volts
of front wheels to prevent lift truck from moving.
Amperage ........................ 260 amperes
(I) Using a suitable lifting device, raise
rear end of lift truck above the ground sufficiently to gain
c. Brush and Brush Holder Service.  Dual pump
access to lower pump motor brushes. Install blocking
motor brushes of high current-carrying capacity are
under truck.
(m) Remove  brush  shunt  retaining
precision fitted into broached brush boxes to insure
proper brush alignment. A metal clip located on top of
(n) brush retaining springs and remove
each brush provides a seat for the spring and also forms
a stop device that prevents commutator scoring should
brushes from brush holders.
brushes become excessively worn.  Brushes require
(2) Installation of Brushes.
replacement when their length is 9/16 inch or less.
Note. Before installing new brushes into
Pump motor brushes may be changed without difficulty
pump motor, insure that brushes are contoured to match
whenever pump motor has been removed from lift truck,
radius and brush angle of brushes removed during
however, brushes may be changed if pump motor is
removal procedure.  Check brush spring tension.  It
should be 25 ounces : 20%.
installed on lift truck by performing the following. (fig. 3-
Note.  Final seating of brushes can be
accomplished using a fine mesh seating stone while
commutator is rotating.
(a) Using a sanding drum with the same
diameter as pump motor commutator, hold new brush
against sanding drum until brush contact face resembles
old brush contact face.
(b) Repeat step (a) for each new pump
motor brush to be installed.
(c) new pump motor brushes in the
reverse order of removal procedure.
d. Removal.   For repair, beyond brush holder
service, remove the hydraulic pump motor according to
e. Disassembly.   Disassemble pump motor as
(1) Remove thermal relay from stator housing
ITM 10-3930-620-12).
(2) Remove  screws  securing  mounting
brackets (4 and 20, fig. 3-33) and remove brackets.
Figure 3-32. Hydraulic pump motor brush location.
(3) Remove front and rear bands 1 and 2)
(1) Removal of Brushes.
from pump motor.
(a) Disconnect battery and discharge
(4) Remove brush shunt retaining screws.
capacitors (para 2-5).
(5) Lift brush retaining springs (15) and
(b) Raise operator's seat by pulling
remove brushes (16) from brush holders (13).
forward to gain access to battery compartment.
(6) Remove remaining screws securing front
(c) Open battery compartment cover by
housing (3) to stator (391 and remove housing.
lifting up and pulling back on the handle.
Use extreme care when
(d) battery side panels by lifting up and
removing armature to prevent damaging core,
removing from lift truck.
commutator, or pole faces. Insure that armature is
(e) a chain hoist, remove battery from
battery compartment.
pulled straight up and out of stator.
(f) Remove screws securing battery
retainer and remove retainer.

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