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Page Title: Table 2-2. Troubleshooting
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Section IV. TROUBLESHOOTING - TM-10-3930-618-200039
TM-10-3930-618-20 Truck Lift Fork; Gasoline Engine Driven; Pneumatic Tired Wheels; 6 000 lb. Capacity; 168 Inch Lift Manual
Table 2-2. Troubleshooting - continued - TM-10-3930-618-200041
Table 2-2. Troubleshooting (Cont'd)
Probable cause
Corrective action
f. Excessive carbon cm cylinder head.
f. Report to direct support maintenance.
g. Valve springs weak.
g. Report to direct support maintenance.
h. Fuel pump, pressure low.
h. Replace pump (para 2-18).
i. Fuel filter clogged.
i. Replace filter (para 2-18).
j. Partly clogged or pinched furl lines.
j. Clean and repair lines.
k. Intake manifold leak,
k. Inspect gaskets and tighten.
l. Distributor cap cracked or shorted.
l. Replace cap (para 2-34).
7. Engine stalls on idle.
a. Carburetor throttle valve closes.
a. Adjust carburetor (para 2-17).
b. Carburetor choke remaining closed.
b. Adjust choke cable (para 2-17).
c. Dirt or water in idler passages of carburetor.
c. Drain carburetor (para 2-17).
d. Air leaks at intake manifold.
d. Tighten manifold stud nuts or replace
gaskerts (para 2-11).
e. Spark plugs defective, yaps incorrect.
e. Clean or replace spark plugs, set gap
clearance (para 2-35).
f. Ignition timing early.
f. Reset timing (para 2-14).
g. Report to direct support maintenance.
g. Low compression.
8. Engine misfires on one or more cylinders.
a. Clean, adjust or replace plugs (para 2-35).
a. Dirty spark plugs.
b. Replace spark plugs (para 2-35)
b. Cracked spark plug porcelain.
c. Replace wires.
c. Spark plug wires grounded.
d. Install wires correctly.
d. Spark plug wires incorrectly installed in cap
or at spark plugs.
e. Replace defective parts (para 2-34).
e. Distributor cap on rotor burned or broken.
f. Report to direct support maintenance.
f. Valve tappet holding valve open.
g. Report to direct support maintenance.
g. Low engine compression.
h. Report to direct support maintenance.
h. Cracked cylinder block or broken valve
tappt or tappet screw.
a. Clean and adjust spark plugs (para 2-35).
a. Spark plugs dirty or gap too close.
9. Engine does not idle properly
b. Reset timing (para 2-14).
b. Ignition timing incorrect.
a. Clean, adjust, or replace points (para
a. Distributor points sticking, dirty, or im-
10. Engine misses at high speed.
properly adjusted.
b. Replace defective parts (para 2-34)
b. Distributor rotor or cap cracked or burred.
c. Uneven cylinder compression.
c. Report to direct support maintenance.
d. Replace defective parts.
d. Leaking high tension or spark plug wires,
cracked insulation.
e. Carburetor choke not adjusted.
e. Adjust choke (para 2-17)
f. Defective carburetor accelerating pump sys-
f. Replace carburetor (para 2-17)
tem, dirt in metering jets, or incorrect float level
g. Replace fuel pump (para 2-18)
g. Fuel pump defective, causing lack of fuel.
h. Clean air cleaner and refill oil cup (para
h. Air cleaner dirty.
i Valves sticking: weak or broken valve
i. Report to direct support maintenance.
j. Remove and clean strainer (para 2-18).
j. Fuel filter clogged.
k. Replace point set (para 2-34).
k. Weak distributor breaker arm spring.
l. Excessive play in distributor shaft bearing.
l. Replace distributor (para 2-34).
11. Engine pings.
a. Reset timing (para 2-14).
a. Ignition timing early.
b. Replace distributor (para 2-34).
b. Distributor automatic spark advance stuck
in advance position. or spring broken.
c. Incorrect fuel.
c. Drain, use correct fuel.
12. Engine lacks power
a. Ignition timing late.
a. Reset timing (para 2-14).
b. Incorrect fuel.
b. Use correct fuel.
c. Engine running cold
c. Test thermostat (para 2-28). In cold
weather cover air intake under driver's seat.
d. Insufficient oil or improper grade of oil.
d. Lubricate in accordance with lubrication
e. Oil system failure.
e. Report to direct support maintenance.
f. Air cleaner dirty.
f. Clean air cleaner, change oil in cup (para
g. Reset gaps (para 2-35).
g. Spark plug gaps too wide.
h. Choke partially closed, or throttle not open-
h. Adjust choke (para 2-17), accelerator
pedal (para 2-20), and governor linkage (para
ing fully.

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