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Page Title: Fuse and Fusetron Replacement
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Relay Interlock Switch Replacement
TM-10-3930-609-12 Truck Fork Lift Electric Solid Rubber Tires 2 000 lbs Capacity 144 In. Lift Manual
Figure 3-17. Seat switch and pump motor switch.
TM 10-3930-609-12
(3) Remove the screws, flatwashers and
3-55. Thermal Relay
lockwashers securing the interlock switch to its
Each motor is protected by a thermal relay, ex-
bracket and remove the switch.
ternally mounted on the motor housing adjacent
b. Installation. Reverse the procedures in a
to the motor leads, which will open the motor
circuit if overheating occurs. When temperature
sensed by the relay drops to a safe operating
3-51. Fuse and Fusetron Replacement
value, the relay will automatically close.
a. Removal.
a. Removal.
(1) Remove fuse access cover (para 3-20).
(1) Remove screw, lockwasher and clamp
(2) Loosen  screws (fig. 3-13) securing
which fastens relay to motor and lift relay from
fusetron to fuse panel and slide fusetron off fuse
(2) Scrap sealing compound from relay ter-
(3) Pull fuses straight off fuse panel.
minals. Unsolder leads at terminals.
b. Installation. Reverse applicable procedures
b. Installation. Reverse procedures in a above,
in a above to replace fusetrons and fuses.
soldering leads to terminals with rosin flux and
solder. Avoid unnecessary heating of the relay
3-52. Directional Control Switch
while soldering. Coat terminals after soldering
Maintenance of the directional control switch
with silicone rubber sealing compound.
(fig. 2-1) consists of replacing internal switches.
c. Test.
The switch need not be removed.
(1) Test electrical continuity of relay be-
a. Removal.
tween terminals with an ohmmeter or test light.
(1) Remove cover attaching screws and
Test at room temperature.
washers, or remove cover.
(2) If controlled temperature is available,
(1) Disconnect and tag leads from switch
test opening temperature of relay. It should open
on rising temperature at 224oF, plus or minus
(3) Remove switch attaching screws and
nuts, and remove switch.
b. Installation. Reverse procedure in a above.
3-56. Accelerator Master Assembly
3-53. Pump Motor Switch
a. Removal.
a. Removal.
(1) Remove floor plate from truck (para
(1) Remove valve cover (para 3-21).
(2) Disconnect and tag leads at switch (fig.
(2) Disconnect linkage and spring from op-
3-17), loosen jamnut, and screw switch out of
erating lever (fig. 3-18), remove cover screws,
switch bracket.
and remove cover.
b. Installation. Reverse procedures in a above,
(3) Disconnect and carefully tag leads in-
turning switch in switch bracket to point where
side housing at switch terminal screws. Care-
switch is actuated when either the tilt or hoist
fully tag leads inside housing at switch terminal
lever is operated.
screws. Carefully draw leads out through conduit
fitting. Do not remove identification labels from
3-54. Seat Switch
a. Removal.
(4) Remove screws and lockwashers hold-
(1) Remove valve cover (para 3-21).
ing mounting bracket to truck and remove as-
(2) Disconnect and tag leads at switch (fig.
b. Repair. The following procedure does not
(3) Remove switch attaching screws, nuts
require removal of the assembly.
and lockwashers securing switch to bracket and
(1) Remove cover screws and cover.
remove switch.
(2) Disconnect leads at switch to be re-
b. Installation. Reverse procedures in a above,
placed, remove switch holddown screws, and re-
adjusting switch position up or down as required
move switch.
so that it is just actuated as the operator's seat
(3) Install new switch by reversing pro-
is fully lowered. Loosen bracket screws to posi-
cedures in (1) to (3) above.
tion bracket with attached switch for proper actu-
ation and then tighten bracket screws.
c. Installation. Reverse procedures in a above.

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