Quantcast How to Locate Repair Parts. - TM-10-3930-235-24P_14
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TM 10-3930-235-24P Code Used On NSN ANK MHE 190 3930-00-926-3807 ANJ MHE 190 3930-00-073-9222 CRD MHE 190A 3930-01-044-0075 CRE MHE 190B 3930-01-089-8001 ANH MHE 191 3930-00-781-3855 ANG MHE 191 3930-00-781-3856 CRC MHE 220 3930-00-419-5738 b. FABRICATION INSTRUCTIONS. Bulk materials required to manufacture items are listed in the Bulk   Material   Functional   Group   of   this   RPSTL.      Part numbers  for  bulk  materials  are  also  referenced  in  the Description  column  of  the  line  item  entry  for  the  item  to be manufactured/fabricated. Detailed fabrication instructions  for  items  source  coded  to  be  manufactured or  fabricated  are  found  in  TM  10-3930-235-20  and  TM 10-3930-235-35. c. ASSEMBLY     INSTRUCTIONS.          Detailed assembly   instructions   for   items   source   coded   to   be assembled from component spare/repair parts are found in  TM  10-3930-235-20  and  TM  10-3930-235-35.    Items that    make    up    the    assembly    are    listed    immediately following the assembly item entry or reference is made to an applicable figure. d. KITS.  Line Item entries for repair parts kits appear in group 9401 in Section II. e. INDEX  NUMBERS.    Items  which  have  the word   BULK   in   the   figure   column   will   have   an   index number  shown  in  the  item  number  column.    This  index number is a cross-reference between the National Stock Number/Part  Number  Index  and  the  bulk  material  list  in Section II. f. ASSOCIATED PUBLICATIONS. The publications  listed  below  pertain  to  the  Fork  Lift  Truck and its components: Publication Short Title LO 10-3930-235-12 Models   MHE   190,   MHE   190A, MHE 190B, MHE 191, and MHE 220 TM 10-3930-235-10 Models   MHE   190,   MHE   190A, MHE 190B, MHE 191, and MHE 220 TM 10-3930-235-20 Models   MHE   190,   MHE   190A, MHE 190B, MHE 191, and MHE 220 TM 10-3930-235-35 Models   MHE   190,   MHE   190A, MHE 190B, MHE 191, and MHE 220 6. How to Locate Repair Parts. a. When    National    Stock    Number    or    Part Number is Not Known: (1) First.      Using   the   table   of   contents, determine the assembly group or subassembly group to which the item belongs.  This is necessary since figures are   prepared   for   assembly   groups   and   subassembly groups, and listings are divided into the same groups. (2) Second.    Find  the  figure  covering  the assembly group or subassembly group to which the item belongs. (3) Third.    Identify  the  item  on  the  figure and  use  the  Figure  and  Item  Number  Index  to  find  the NSN. b. When    National    Stock    Number    or    Part Number is Known: (1) First. Using the National Stock Number    or    Part    Number    Index,    find    the    pertinent National Stock Number or Part Number.  The NSN index is in National Item Identification Number (NIIN) sequence (see  paragraph  4.a.(1)).    The  part  numbers  in  the  Part Number   index   are   listed   in   ascending   alphanumeric sequence   (see   paragraph   4.b).      Both   indexes   cross- reference  you  to  the  illustration/figure  and  item  number of the item you are looking for. (2) Second.    Turn  to  the  figure  and  item number, verify that the item is the one you’re looking for, then locate the item number in the repair parts list for the figure. 7. Abbreviations. For  standard   abbreviations   see   MIL-STD-12D,   Military Standard Abbreviations for Use on Drawings, Specifications, Standards, and in Technical Documents. Abbreviations Explanation NIIN .................. National Item Identification Number (consists of the last 9 digits of the NSN) RPSTL.............. Repair Parts and Special Tools List 5

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