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Page Title: Disassembly.
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(7) Place a bar through the center of the high and
(11) Remove capscrews that secure rear housing
low clutch pack (fig.  36) to carry the weight;
cover bearing cap to transmission and remove
then slide the rear cover and the high and low
housing cover and gasket.
clutch pack back and away from the anchor
(12) Remove  capscrews  and  lockwashers  that
assembly until all parts are clear of the
secure transmission case top cover (fig. 26) to
transmission housing.
Remove the capscrews and
(8) Remove place bolts that secure reaction anchor
lockwashers that secure the top cover to the
to lower transmission case (fig. 37) and remove
torque converter housing and remove top cover.
(13) Remove the clutch pack-to-drive plate attaching
(9) Remove capscrew (8, fig. 38) and lockwasher
(9) that secure keeper (10) to transmission case
Note.  The attaching bolts are not counter
and remove keeper.
sunk. Do not remove the counter sunk bolts as
(10) Remove capscrew (12) and lockwasher (13) that
the clutch pack will come apart.
secure keeper (14) to transmission case and
(14) Fabricate a special tool (fig. 28) from 5/16-inch
remove keeper.
round stock, lift the forward-and-reverse clutch
(11) Withdraw main idler gear shaft (fig. 39) and
pack up and to the front, and remove the pack
cluster gear shaft from gears and case.
from the transmission.
(12) Remove main gear (2, fig.  38) and thrust
(15) Disconnect transmission-to-torque converter oil
washers (1 and 3).
(13) Using suitable knocker or press, re-move
(16) Attach hoisting chain to transmission.
bearings (4 and 5) from main idler gear (2).
(17) Remove  capscrews  and  lockwashers  that
(14) Remove preformed packing (7) from shaft (6).
secure the lower part of the transmission to the
(15) Remove cluster gear assembly (19) and thrust
torque converter and remove the transmission
washers (18 and 20) from case.
from the truck.
(16) Using suitable knocker or press, re-move
b. Disassembly.
bearings (16 and 17) from cluster gear assembly
(1) Remove  capscrews  and  lockwashers  that
secure front retainer (fig.  30) to transmission
(17) Remove packing (11) from cluster gear shaft
front cover and remove retainer and shim.
(2) Remove preformed packing (fig.  31) and oil
c. Assembly. Reverse procedure in b above.
seal (fig. 30) from retainer (19, fig. 32).
d. Installation. Reverse procedures in a above.
(3) Remove  capscrews  and  lockwashers  that
e. Testing and Adjustment.
secure transmission front cover (fig.  30) to
transmission housing and remove cover with
(1) With transmission oil at operating temperature,
bearing (fig. 33) and ring gear assembly from
attach pressure gages of sufficient capacity in
check ports (fig. 29).
(4) Remove planetary carriage assembly from
Note. Cheek Port 4 is also regulator "D".
transmission housing (fig. 34).
When connecting into the line, do not
(5) Remove  capscrews  and  lockwashers  that
remove the spring and ball behind the
secure bearing cap to rear cover and remove
bearing cap (fig. 35).
(6) Remove  capscrews  and  lockwashers  that
secure rear cover to transmission housing (fig.

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